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California Refinance


A California refinance can be a simple transaction.  California is a state unlike any other in that it stretches a broad range geographically, culturally and demographically.  California has homes from every price range and of every style, often within a few miles of each other. 

 California Refinance

Census statistics show a California homeowner tends to be more educated, earn more money and be more internet savvy than any other homeowner in the nation.  These facts are probably why Close Your Own Loan closes more refinance transactions in the state of California than any other state in the union. 


A California homeowner with good credit, good income and a good internet connection does not need to pay a Loan Officer a high commission to help them with a refinance.  They tend to simply be interested in getting the best refinance for their family at the lowest rate and fees without the hassle of a high pressure salesman.  It is this person that Close Your Own Loan appeals to. 


A California refinance takes a special kind of company to understand because the loan amounts can vary from under $100,000 to over $10,000,000.  Due to these wide ranging loan amounts, a California mortgage company must have access to a wide array of financing options suited for each individual homeowner.  However, with a wide array of options comes a wide array of guidelines and features.  This is where most Loan Officers make their mistakes. 


Here at Magnolia Bank we use a state of the art automated underwriting engine.  This modern computer underwriting system has eliminated the need to hire an employee who reads and interprets underwriting guidelines, manuals and matrices.  A Loan Officer with experience in jumbo loans, may not understand a conforming loan, and vice versa.  Our automated underwriting system understands the details of every program for every loan in every California county.  Unlike a human, it does not get tired, overwhelmed or lazy and make mistakes.  It delivers accurate loan program, interest rate and payment approvals every time


So what does this mean for someone looking for a California refinance? 


By skipping the salesperson, we have accomplished three very important things:

1) You get lower rates.
2) You avoid high pressure sales tactics and annoying phone calls from pushy salesman.
3) You get to select the loan program, interest rate and payment that makes sense to you and
lock in that rate and program online.


So if you are ready to see how much you can save on your California refinance, click Get Started to see how much you can save. 


If you would like to learn more about the different loan programs or the process, click on any of the tabs of the top of the page to learn all the ways we were able to eliminate the Loan Officer so you can keep his commission!


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