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A Guide To Writing A Hardship Letter

One of the most important items your servicer or lender will require during the loan modification process is a letter of hardship. Simply put, a letter of hardship is an explanation as to what has transpired which has caused you to fall behind on your mortgage. This letter is significant as it will lay out the foundation for why you are no longer able to meet your financial obligations and it is vital in helping you stop foreclosure and/or achieve a loan workout.

All of our Mortgage Loan Modification Specialists have been trained to help you write the most effective hardship letter possible. 


Below are examples of hardships that lenders take into consideration when analyzing loan modification requests:

• Payment Shock (Adjustable Rate Mortgage Reset)
• Loss of Job
• Reduced Income
• Failed Business
• Job Relocation
• Divorce
• Death of Spouse or Co-Borrower
• Illness
• Incarceration
• Military Duty
• Medical Bills



We can provide several different templates for you to use when writing your hardship letter. 


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