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How Much Does An Appraisal Cost? 


An appraisal is performed by an independent appraiser. Magnolia Bank uses only a select group of licensed and certified appraisers with a proven track record of performance, reliability and accuracy with our company. It takes quite a bit of effort, expertise and skill to make it onto our preferred appraisers list. Rest assured that the appraiser assigned to you has passed all of our rigorous examinations and has proven their reliability and competence in the appraisal field.Get An Instant Online Rate and Payment Quote With A GFE


Each appraisal is unique and often the fees associated with the appraisal can vary. To check the appraisal costs for your area, please click Get Rates to get an instant online Loan Estimate of closing costs including the appraisal fee for your area.


For a typical home located within a standard city or suburb, the appraisal fee is generally around $425. If the property is located in a rural or remote area, there can be additional fees charged by the appraiser. In addition, larger homes, custom homes or homes with a value over $1,000,000 will generally have additional fees associated with these unique features.


Once you click Get Rates, reserve your rate and return your disclosures and items needed, an appraiser will be assigned to you. The appraiser will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment to have the appraisal inspection completed.


Click Get Started to see how much you can save and have your preferred appraiser assigned to you.


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