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Do you remember when you had to call a travel agent to book an airline ticket?
Do you remember when you had to drive to the bank to transfer funds?
Do you remember when you had to call a stock broker to make a stock trade?


Isn’t your life so much easier now that you can do these things yourself online?
Why has it taken the mortgage industry so long to catch on to this concept?
Well, someone finally gets it.


Welcome to CloseYourOwnLoan.com powered by Magnolia Bank.  Skip the salesman.  Online quotes in seconds! 


Refinance RatesA first mortgage refinance is a simple transaction.  You already have an existing home loan, so you have been through the process before.  You know you want a lower rate and payment and perhaps even a little cash out for home improvements or debt consolidation.  It’s time to refinance and lock in your new refinance rate at a historic low! 


Once you view your new interest rate and payment and complete the simplified online loan application, you will be assigned a Loan Originator and one of our experienced Processors will take over.  Your Processor will order your appraisal, submit your loan to the automated underwriter, draw your final loan documents and handle the entire process from the time the application is received to the time your loan is funded.  You are eliminating the high pressure salesman, not eliminating the mortgage company.


You know a good deal when you see it.  Why not Close Your Own Loan? 



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Would you prefer to speak with a Loan Originator over the telephone?  Please call us directly at   1-800-276-CYOL(2965) and choose option 1.  Or, click here to have one of our experienced representatives contact you directly. 

**Loan Qualifying Assumptions:
All online rate and payment quotes issued by the online mortgage system assume a middle credit score of 740 or higher and a debt to income ratio under 43%. There may be adjustments to the terms depending upon your actual credit score, debt to income ratio, county loan limits, etc. The minimum credit score required is 620. Not all applicants will qualify.

How do I know I am getting a great rate?

You don’t want to spend hours on the phone getting the runaround from who knows how many different salespeople about how their programs or rates are the best.  You could spend all day shopping interest rates and programs yourself and still not Read More...


I have always had excellent credit.  Don’t I deserve a better interest rate as a result?

You have spent years protecting your credit and paying your bills on time.  Don’t you think you deserve a better interest rate and payment as a reward for your consistent efforts?  We do.  Read More...