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What Information Is Not On A Credit Report?

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A credit report only includes information regarding your borrowing, payment and liability history. It does not include information regarding your current bank balances, stock holdings, 401(k), or any other types of investments. A credit report also excludes earnings, income tax paid or any other income information. It strictly details your debts and liabilities. However, there are a few types of debts that the credit reports do not include in their findings.


The credit reports do not show data regarding balances, payment history or status on:


401(k) loans

Payday loans

Private party loans

Payroll advances

Some types of child support



The credit reports also only reflect if the monthly payments were made on time. They do not show if over-payments, additional principal payments, bi-weekly payments or any other alternative form of payments were made. They strictly list if the minimum was received on time.


Once you click Get Started, select your program and interest rate and return all of the items needed to your Processor, your entire loan application will be run through the automated underwriting system. This system will review every aspect of your application and be able to issue a complete approval upfront. There will be no more surprises at the end from information that was not included on the credit report. We have eliminated the Loan Officer and the guesswork.


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