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The Green Loan™

We’ve gone paperless!  Here at Close Your Own Loan.com we take our responsibility to the planet as seriously as we take our commitment to the security of your personal information.  That effort has led us to create The Green Loan.  We employ modern technology on every loan we close to improve both your personal security and the strain on the planet’s resources.


Close Your Own Loan.com is committed to eliminating waste.  Whether that waste is the time and frustration of dealing with a salesman or the endless duplicate paper files most mortgage companies keep for a short period of time and then discard in the trash. 


The Green LoanOnce you sign and return your loan application and all the items needed for your loan, we employ modern e-fax technology to store it electronically in our encrypted and secure server.  The appraisal, title report, escrow information and any other documentation necessary for the loan are also stored electronically and will be available for you to view at any time via your secure online account.  Once all of the information is gathered, we organize it and forward it in secure electronic form to the underwriting department.  There is no need to make multiple paper copies of entire loan files hundreds of pages thick only to be discarded at a later date.  


Of course, state and federal regulators are still a bit behind the times.  They require that your initial disclosures and final loan documents still be printed in their entirety and your original signature be present on each individual signature page.  We are petitioning members of the regulatory agencies that oversee mortgage transactions to eventually allow us to have all borrowers receive and sign all of their documents electronically.  This will allow us to complete the entire loan transaction online with no paper use or waste whatsoever.  However, for the time being, we will be content in knowing that Close Your Own Loan.com and The Green Loan have helped to save thousands of trees and keep identity thieves far away from our borrower’s personal information. 


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