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I have been hearing ads about applying online for years now.  Isn’t this the same thing?


Most other mortgage companies have a generic “apply here” section on their websites.  But, if you look closely, they are simply asking for you to give them all of your personal information so a salesman can call you and sell you a loan.  If you wanted that, wouldn’t you pick up the phone and call them?


At CloseYourOwnLoan.com, you will view your new interest rate and payment options, choose your own loan program and lock in your own rate without ever dealing with a salesman.  If you enjoy haggling with salesmen trying to get them to reduce their commission, we’re sorry.  You’ll have to go to the used car lot for that. 


Don't forget, you are eliminating the salesman, not the mortgage company.  Once you complete the online loan application, you will be assigned a Loan Originator and a Processor


Your Loan Originator is entirely devoted to making sure your every desire, concern, or question is addressed quickly and efficiently.  Your Loan Originator will be monitoring your loan from the day your application is received to the day your loan funds to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.  Your Processor will order the appraisal, submit your loan for final approval, draw your loan documents and handle every detail of the loan process.  

You know a good deal when you see it.  Why not Close Your Own Loan? 


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Would you prefer to speak with a Loan Originator over the telephone?  Please call us directly at   1-800-276-CYOL(2965) and choose option 1.  Or, click here to have one of our experienced representatives contact you directly.