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If I skip the salesman, who do I talk to if I have a question?


At Magnolia Bank's website CloseYourOwnLoan.com you can skip the salesman, not the mortgage company.  Once you have chosen your interest rate and loan program, simply click Select Interest Rate and Go To Application.  When you have completed the simplified online loan application, you will be assigned a Loan Originator and a Processor. 


Loan Originator

Your Loan Originator is entirely devoted to making sure your every desire, concern, or question is addressed quickly and efficiently.  Your Loan Originator will be monitoring your loan from the day your application is received to the day your loan funds to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.


Your Loan Originator is also available for any consultation or advice you might require.  Whether you want to explore different loan programs, discuss different interest rate options, or just need some advice on what to expect, your Loan Originator is completely dedicated to making sure you are comfortable and confident in your loan selection. 


Your Loan Originator's e-mail and phone number will be e-mailed to you once your application is received.  This information is also available in your secure account under the Contact Info tab.  Please do not ever hesitate to contact your Loan Originator.  They are here to help. 



Your Processor will be handling all of the paperwork associated with your loan.  Your Processor's contact information will also be e-mailed to you once you have completed the simplified online loan application.  Please feel free to contact your Processor at any point during the loan process.


Secure Online Account

In addition to your Loan Originator and your Processor, you can get an up to the minute status of your loan application and what needs to be completed to finalize the loan at any time by logging in to your secure account.  Simply click the tab on the top that says Account Login to access your secure account any time, day or night. 


Click Get Rates to view your new interest rate and payment.


Speak With A Loan Originator 


Would you prefer to speak with a Loan Originator over the telephone?  Please call us directly at   1-800-276-CYOL(2965) and choose option 1.  Or, click here to have one of our experienced representatives contact you directly.