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Fixed Rate Home Loans


According to recent Fannie Mae statistics, about 4 out of 5 new home loans are fixed rate loans.  A fixed rate loan is the safest and most conservative option designed to give you safety and security over the entire life of the loan.  All of our fixed rate home loans are very straightforward and never have any prepayment penalties. 


The interest rate and loan payment will be fixed throughout the life of the loan.  Since a fixed rate loan offers more stability, a traditional fixed interest rate will generally be slightly higher than an adjustable rate mortgage.  However, for many borrowers, the peace of mind that comes with a fixed rate loan payment is certainly worth it. 


Even though it is the most popular home loan program by far, a fixed rate home loan may not be right for everyone.  We encourage you to explore the different home loan options available to you by clicking Get Rates.  With our easy to use online mortgage system, you can instantly obtain a fixed rate and payment quote and then easily explore the interest rates and payments on several different loan programs to make some comparisons. 


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