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How Much Can I Qualify For?


If you are still searching for your new home, you may be wondering how much you can qualify for.  You simply want to know how much you can afford and what the interest rate and payments will be on a new mortgage.  


Home Buyer's PlaybookA new purchase loan is actually quite simple.  Simply click Get Rates, enter your approximate new purchase price and down payment and the system will calculate an exact monthly payment and interest rate for you. 



Once you find a loan program, interest rate and payment that you like, simply click Select Interest Rate and Go To Application.  You will then complete the simplified online loan application.  You then need to return the items needed and signed disclosures to your Processor.  Your Processor will submit your purchase loan to our automated underwriter for pre-approval.


The automated underwriter is an advanced computer underwriting system that takes the guesswork out of a new purchase loan.  This system is able to analyze your income, credit, assets and every other aspect of your qualifying criteria and will issue a loan pre-approval accordingly.  You no longer have to rely on a Loan Officer’s best guess as to how or if you will qualify.   


Your new purchase loan will be immediately and automatically approved upfront.  This gives you the security and peace of mind of knowing your loan is approved before you make an offer on the purchase of a new home.  Once your loan is approved, your Processor will issue a pre-approval notification to you.


Getting pre-approved is the essential first step in the home buying process.  It lets the seller know that you are a serious and qualified buyer.  It is equally important that you obtain a full, legitimate pre-approval letter issued by a reputable mortgage company, not some word document a Loan Officer worked up on his laptop. 


Your realtor will appreciate your diligence in getting pre-approved first and not just relying on the word of a Loan Officer.  The seller will also take your purchase offer more seriously because you have proven your ability to qualify for the purchase of the home.     


Click Get Rates to get pre-qualified for your new home purchase.


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