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5 Things To Look For In A Mortgage Company

1) Are they licensed?
While this may seem obvious, did you know that most bank and credit union employees are not required to be licensed to complete mortgage loans?  Some banks will simply promote a former teller or customer service representative to a mortgage loan officer position.  While this is great for the bank employee’s morale, would you trust your most valuable asset to an individual with no formal training or license in the world of real estate finance?



2) Are they reliable? 
The Better Business Bureau is an excellent method for investigating any company’s track record of customer satisfaction.  We encourage everyone to check their lender’s Better Business Bureau rating before completing any loan transaction.



3)  Are they experienced? 
Did you know the average mortgage brokerage has only been in business for 3.7 years?  During the refinance boom from 2003-2005, an average of 1,864 mortgage brokerages opened each year.  These are companies who rode the rising tide of the refinance boom with some success despite their lack of experience or expertise.  Can you afford to work with an inexperienced lender?



4) Do they have the right program for you? 
In the mortgage world, just as in shoes, one size does not fit all.  Most lenders have a small core group of programs they offer to everyone.  You either fit in their limited universe or you don’t.  Is your situation just like every other homeowner’s, or would you prefer a custom tailored program built from over hundreds of different options?



5) Are they experts? 
Many companies will quote interest rates and payments, but do they know the answers to the questions you are asking?  Better yet, do they know the questions you should be asking but aren’t?  Will they take the time to teach you about finance, the mortgage process, the mortgage environment and what it all means to you?  Do not work with just anyone.  Make sure they are mortgage experts


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